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What is The Codex Collectors?

I'm creating new experiences around exploring stories online. Stories are broken into snippets, and collections of these snippets are curated as galleries. Think of this as your digital story museum. Why a museum? Because great stories deserve to be presented as the treasures that they are.

What are snippets and galleries?

Snippets are fragments of the story, or in cases of short stories, a snippet can be the entire story. A novel, for example, is broken into snippets, sometimes by chapter, but not necessarily so.

Related snippets are grouped together in galleries, and each gallery has a curator, who actively seeks out artwork related to the story. The curator can also remove artwork deemed inappropriate per The Codex Collectors guidelines.

What does joining a patronage mean?

Visitors with accounts can be patrons to galleries that they are interested in. This alpha version simply tracks patronage at this point. Future versions will allow patrons to receive notifications about the gallery.

This is called "The Codex Collectors". What exactly am I collecting?

As you explore the story snippets, you will stumble upon works of art depicting scenes, characters, objects, places, or trivia about the story you are exploring. You can choose to save these and make them part of your collection. When you revisit the gallery, this artifact collection becomes a visual reminder of your favorite stories.

Why do I need an account?

You don't. You can explore free stories without one, but you cannot be a patron, or create and maintain collections.

Can I add my own illustrations to galleries?

Yes! While exploring a story, you can go to the "Contribute" page to upload your own artwork. Please make sure that you have permission to share any artwork that you are uploading. We reserve the right to remove artwork that violage copyright laws.

At this point, however, this feature has limited support. You cannot contribute via mobile devices (phones, tablets), but we are working hard to change this. This feature is also not supported by Safari browsers.

Tell me more about copyright.

The stories and artwork currently featured are either out of copyright, i.e. their copyrights have run out and are now available in the public domain, or used with permission from the copyright owners, either directly or through their declared Creative Commons license. When you upload your own work, you will be asked about the piece's copyright. This is a mandatory step.

Why alpha?

The site is young. There are plenty of new features to build, and great stories to explore. As such, I welcome any feedback to help me provide you with a great digital reading experience. Just send me a note via the Contact link.

Why codex?

codex /kodeks/: a quire of manuscript pages held together by stitching: the earliest form of book, replacing the scrolls and wax tablets of earlier times. —

The name is a tribute to the first book form.

About This site

This site is your digital museum for great stories. Our goal—our vision, if you will—is to provide writers, artists, and readers a space to explore and share their creativity through written stories.

Who is behind The Codex Collectors?

Mainly, a dreamer. I'm just someone in awe of what people—especially young adults—are capable of accomplishing given the right tools and encouragement. I'm a Mom. A wife. A designer. An artist. A programmer. And when I grow up, I want to be a great storyteller. My name is Zarina.

And then there are family, friends, but gladly no fools.

When I started this project, I was advised to seek the help of Friends, Family, and Fools. I am surrounded by the most lovable of the first two Fs, and they have been more than generous with their time, talent, and skills. The last F—the Fools—I think I can do without.

The greatest of the Fs require special thanks. First, my husband, who is my enabler and number one believer. And my son, who drives me to try to make a difference, and on occassion, to insanity.

A special mention to Grace Trivino, a talented photographer and developer, who helped jumpstart my technical learning by coding beside me (literally) for an entire month.

The online developer community

I started this with zero knowledge of scripting languages and a very basic understanding of HTML. I'm mentioning the following here as a thanks, and as a resource to anyone looking to become a programmer.

Stack Overflow is a wonderful programming Q&A site. This site saved me a lot of headaches (but I still managed a few anyway).

CSS-Tricks has been making websites better since 2007. That's what it says on the site, and I believe it.

Deep Liquid for their amazing JCrop API, with equally amazing documentation that made it easy to implement it.

jsFiddle allows you to dynamically test your html/css/javascript code snippets.

Codepen: design meets learning how to code! A fun way to play with front-end dev, and best of all, you don't play alone!

Six Revisions offers great tips and tutorials for web design.

Psdtuts+ because you need Photoshop skills to design a website.

Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer. Free for non-commercial use.

Sprite Cow helps with those painful sprite calculations.

Font Squirrel offers free fonts for the web.

There are a lot more, and I'll update this list as I remember them.

Finally, I want to thank coffee...

...because there aren't enough hours in a day.

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